#754 Well Tear It Up.

Today we made major progress on the kitchen renovation at the house. Ben spent the morning taking the paneling above the cabinets out, removing the cabinets to the left of where the oven is currently, removing cabinet doors and drawers to prep for repainting all the cabinets and new doors, and removing some of the countertops. I am amazed by how much he accomplished in a few hours! Also, a few days ago he painted the ceiling fan hardware and stained the blades taking it from the 1970s to a 1940s schoolhouse look. $100 saved!

Keep in mind things are looking really scary right now, but it’s going to be so spacious and add so much value to our house when it’s all finished. I originally didn’t intend to go so far with removing the faux walls above the cabinets, but it totally changes the look of everything. I can’t wait to see it all finished! Tonight I was telling Ben I wish I could disappear for a month then come back and find it all finished.

Anyway, here’s the kitchen before:

Where the oven currently is, we’ll be putting a stainless double door fridge and building a cabinet around it with shelving on the left side where those 3 stacked drawers are now.
And after:

Before (Excuse the weird overlap happening in the right window. Photoshop layer blend!):
Soon, the countertops (and kitchen) will look like this.
That refrigerator is coming out and in its place will be a stainless gas oven with a built-in above it for the new stainless microwave and a cookbook nook. No, not that microwave. Hanging at each window will be vintage mercury glass pendant lights similar to these.



On to the next steps!