#781 Fasting.

Tomorrow I’m having a test run on my stomach which required that I not eat one single crumb of food today.

I didn’t think I could do this. But I’m proud to say it wasn’t so bad at all! A huge part of why I was able to is because Ben fasted along with me. He absolutely wouldn’t have it any other way. He says as husband and wife we are one person and him eating when I couldn’t would be awful, but mostly he knows how anxious I am about the procedure tomorrow and it’s his way of showing me it’s no big deal, that we can totally handle this. Two is better than one and solidarity is such a comfort. I am constantly reminded by how much God loves me through my Big Ben who would do anything to take care of me. How lucky am I?

I made it all day without food and by keeping busy I got a lot of errands taken care of and found out that I’m a little tougher than I thought. It’s not a big deal but it is a first for me that I think is worth documenting, right?

I would really appreciate your prayers for a good report tomorrow. Goodnight sweet readers!