#780 Sunday Lunch & Anne.

My mom has become the best cook I know. She’s had to fill my grandmother’s role as the head chef of the family in the last 4 years, and as a result of much practice she now makes the best food in the world. Today we had a roast, mashed potatoes with gravy, a corn casserole she made up, cabbage, cornbread and pecan pie. She honestly, truly makes the world’s best pecan pie. I’ve tried to replicate it and it never turns out. I’m so thankful for that wonderful lunch today since tomorrow I won’t be allowed to eat one bite of food because of the tests they’re running on my stomach Tuesday. I’d appreciate a little prayer if you’re reading this.

Also, Michael and Dawn recently moved in next door. Their precious little girl, Anne, has been bringing me specially picked little baby bouquets of wildflowers nearly every afternoon.

Every time, I put them in a tumbler of water by the sink and smile when I think about that sunshiney girl who’s sharing a wall with us.