#784 Mississippi Symphony Orchestra.

Jim and Mallorie invited us to hear the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra at the last minute tonight and I’m so glad we went. I had chills the entire time. The thing about orchestral music is, you never recognize the titles but you hear and immediately know it from a scene in a movie or a commercial or something. The familiarity of a song is so unexpected, then you hear it and it’s magical.

Ben’s favorite was definitely the Aaron Copeland selection from Rodeo called Hoe-Down. But you know it as the ‘Beef—It’s what’s for dinner’ song!

My favorite song took me to childhood. Growing up, I believed wholeheartedly that my daddy was Indiana Jones. He looked like him, but then he dressed up like him for Halloween a few times so I was certain. My brother was also the biggest fan in the world of the movies, so I’m very familiar with the score.


I’m so glad we live in such a cultured little city where the orchestra visits and then we can walk to dinner afterward. A perfect date night!