#789 Go Outside.

Today was meant for spending outside. I woke up with energy, and obviously Ben did too as he was gone to the Wellness Center before I got out of bed. We spent the morning at work, then went to the house to take Chevy for a walk before lunch. It felt like the greatest springtime sort of day you can imagine—the sun was shining and warm when you stepped out of the shade. The breeze was blowing enough to require a light sleeve, but perfect for walking. Chevy was dying to get out of the yard, so we leashed him up and away we went to our lunch meeting for Laurel Main Street at City Centre.

As we walked past the coin shop we met my brother and his wife, the perfect models of fitness on their daily run through the historic district. We got to the coffee shop and Nece gave us a bowl of grilled chicken and some water for the pup (who was delighted), and we had a wonderfully lingering lunch with Judi, one of our sweet youth moms. Chevy lay at our feet patiently waiting to continue his walk and accepting a pat on the head from the kind passerby, then we ran a couple of errands along the way back to the house. Afterward, we got in the car and lowered the windows for a trip to Sonic for happy hour. On the way, Ben reached over and took my hand. He told me, “we’re blessed, you know?”

Life is really very sweet, isn’t it?