#805 Cut the Grass.

Ben has been itching to mow the grass since we bought the house back in October and today was the day. He started at 5:00 and the front and back were weedwhacked, the leaves were raked and mulched, and it was all finished by 6:30. That is something to love about having a little yard.

He even blew all the leaves off the front porch which completely makes my day.

Tomorrow we hope to get tons done on the kitchen. Can’t wait to get started!

So. Also. I was opening the gate for Ben when he was coming through the fence with the lawnmower and I very clumsily managed to get a splinter shoved directly into my nailbed.

It scared me. And I tried to get it out with tweezers, but I couldn’t do it. I elected to just let it grow out naturally rather than dig it out. As the night went on, it began to feel like it had a heartbeat and became feverish. At bedtime Ben said he would have to pull it out. I said, “Please don’t. It’ll hurt.”

He said, “I promise I won’t hurt you, love.”

I was terrified. I iced it for about 20 minutes to let it get numb. And then he sat me down at the kitchen table and took a pair of tweezers. He said for me to close my eyes. And I did. He very gently took my hand and my finger had the slightest prickly feeling for a split second and he stopped. So I looked. And it was gone. Easy!

And he said, “I told you, love.”