#824 This is Luke.

When This is Luke comes to town, we roll out the red carpet.

Or, we drive them around and tell them Laurel history then eat and have a concert. I know they’ve got to be exhausted after driving 8 hours, but I’m so impressed by how they seem never to be tired. Such nice fellers.

Mickey grilled out for everyone at his house before we headed to the church for the show. I felt like I was on vacation with his newly sodded lawn and fabulous swimming pool. I think I’ll let the Wilsons adopt me if our kitchen never pans out.

Then we went to the church for the big show.

The boys made their annual family portrait:

Above is the inordinately confident dad, unsure son and self-conscious sad son.

My personal favorite features the stern father, fearful son, and sassy hip hop son. Or mom, whichever.

Kory played an acoustic set while they sat down for a minute.

I love Ben’s job.