#830 Mulch.

I am AMAZED by what mulching the beds of our newly mowed and raked lawn did for the house. I swear it’s as if we had the whole thing repainted. Have you mulched anything lately?! I also got some flats of lantana and lavender to plant in news beds we’re making along the sidewalk and I’m really excited to see how that looks. I don’t know much about flowers but I know that perennials are the only way I’m going to do it.

Next up, the backyard beds. We got a little done before we ran out but it’ll take an 18 wheeler full to fill up all of them. Oh well. It’s totally worth it.

We’re planning to have 2 housewarming parties for our families on Easter weekend, so tonight I made a list of what’s got to be fixed/built/happen in the next 17 days so that can happen. I’m getting all fired up about moving, but when I think about moving that armoire again, I feel a little sick. Will you help us?