#864 Old Clothes, New.

I can’t remember having more picture perfect spring weather. Ever. Usually we have about 1 week of spring weather then it’s feeling like summer by early April, but this year it’s felt like spring time with highs in the 70s since January. Today I rediscovered last year’s white jeans and felt like a million bucks in them (though I definitely didn’t pay $98 for them, they were just $40 this time last year).

Don’t you love when you wear clothes that are exactly right for the weather? Today that was a chambray shirt, scarf and jeans with my favorite Frye moccasins. I was comfortable all day.

When I inevitably got coffee splashed on them around 5:00, I just sprayed them with a little bleach and threw them in the wash and they’re just like new. Whew.

Then I took my prom dress from senior year to Mrs. Tidwell, the lady who made it for me in 2003 to have it altered for the JCJC centennial gala that’s coming up in a couple weeks.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to save that money and get another wear out of my favorite formal dress I’ve ever worn (besides my wedding dress).