#877 First Slipcover Washing.

Everyone told me it’d be impossible to keep our white slipcovered sofas clean, but I am proud to report that after several dinner parties and 2 weekends of hosting friends and family, we made it a little over 3 months without incident. I’m pleased with that.

This morning I finally found a spot as I was about to sit down and I threw all of the seat cushion covers in the wash with some bleach just to freshen them up. They came out spotless and are now air drying on the dining room chairs. I don’t think that’s too much trouble, is it? And this way I’ll always know the sofas aren’t housing all kinds of hidden nastiness. Right? I’m going to jump the gun and go ahead and recommend white denim slipcovers.

But popsicles and chili dogs are still not allowed in the living room.