#876 Day in the Park & the Centennial Gala.

First of all, today was Day in the Park! It’s my favorite festival since I was a little girl that takes place in Mason Park the first Saturday of May for the last 40 years:

We found our friend Sean Starwars selling his awesome woodcut prints:

We had corndogs and grilled ribs and veggies:


We saw the juried student art exhibit, which I lived for competing in when I was in high school:

And then after us girls got manicures and pedicures, we went back home to get dressed for the JCJC centennial gala. A few months ago we made some of the most lavish letterpress invitations I’ve ever done for this event. As the stationer and alumni, Ben and I were invited. We’ve not had an opportunity to dress formally since our wedding, except this time Ben wore the Napier brothers’ tuxedo and I wore my senior year prom dress. How great is it to save money?
Jen said we needed to take some cheesed out posed photos. So. Here you go. “Hold his lapel!”

How handsome is he?
The gala was the most opulent event I’ve ever been to in my life. A 3 course dinner with a waitstaff for the 200+ guest list. The food was SO good, y’all.

How do ice sculptures happen? 

Caroline was my speech teacher sophomore year, and she and my former yearbook advisor Mrs. Patrick asked me to create the invitations. We worked together on the project and I hope we’ll have the opportunity to again in the future.

Man, I look short! 

If it ain’t ole Chris Wilson!

Rebekah and Larkin sat with us at dinner thankfully! We were the only ones there around our age. We were the babies!

Our right hands were twins. How strange is that??

I designed the programs and menus for the night too. I was completely floored that Dr. Smith, the president of the college, gave me a shout out at the end of the night. And called me by my maiden name. Dang. I felt stupidly special, even though it wasn’t any big deal.

Now with tired feet and full bellies, we’re turning in for the night. Hope your weekend is going swell, sweet readers!