#88 Good morning, sunshine!

(photo by oxcheercutiexo via Flickr)

It was just one of those days. When my alarm finally stopped beeping and we opened the windows, I felt this rush of energy and just plain joy. I brushed my teeth and walked into our kitchen and went straight to my Bell’s Best cookbook to search out the best old-fashioned pancake recipe they had. While Ben took his shower and got dressed for his Monday morning meeting at the church, I was whipping eggs and sifting my flour and sugar. I rarely feel like cooking breakfast because I’m so excited to see what’s waiting in my inbox every morning, but today I put work on hold to have breakfast with big Ben. He was SOOOOO excited to find a perfectly golden (shocking because I have ALWAYS burned the pancakes) stack of pancakes and Log Cabin syrup at his seat. That energy lasted through the day thankfully, and once again I said about a million little prayers thanking God for giving me the opportunity to have my own business in my own home, for giving me the energy to cook breakfast, to go for a walk, to teach an art class (which went FANTASTIC tonight!) to LIVE! Every day for the last 3 months has been positively radiant, and today was just another gift waiting to be unwrapped. I hope your Monday was just as sweet!