#87 Duke & chalking the city.

First of all, Duke is going to the Final Four:
(photo via Flickr by max_m)(photo via Flickr by Eric Parks)

and this is cause for great celebration in my husband’s die hard family (his daddy went to Duke and they’ve been lifelong fans). 1 minute after they beat Baylor, we received a text from Ben’s brother Jesse saying “DUKE WON!!!!!!!!! MY FACE IS NUMB.”

In other news, since Easter is coming next weekend, we made the youth divvy up into teams and sent them all over downtown on foot with buckets of sidewalk chalk as their ‘great commission’. They left graffiti all over the town with scripture and colorful Eastery drawings, so maybe that will brighten someone’s day.
I love the time of year surrounding Easter, and today reminded me that it’s time to go dress shopping. Gonna try really hard to get around to that this week!