#883 Pre-Mother’s Day.

We spent a lazy afternoon on the coast with Ben’s family, watching TV and grazing on grilled green beans, tomato basil cheddar and crackers, grilled chicken, and fried oysters. Well they ate the oysters, I ate the other things. It was fun being with the Napiers even with storm clouds swirling around us all day. We gave his mama 2 tomato plants for mother’s day because not much makes Jookie happier than fresh vegetables and tomato season is just around the corner. We headed back home in time for dinner with my parents and brother and I was surprised to find him with a new buzzed off haircut. He’d been rocking that basic men’s haircut parted and neatly combed forever, and I was shocked when I saw him. He looks like someone famous. It’s crazy. Ask anyone. Since Amanda is having a girls’ weekend in the Delta with her mama and sister, he was hanging out at our parents’ for the night. Waiting for dinner, we sat in the outdoor living room, talked politics and agreed on everything. And days like this, I’m glad I have my handsome big brother. We have a big age gap, but tonight it didn’t feel like it. Tomorrow we’ll all be getting together at his and Amanda’s house for mother’s day!

People used to ask if we were twins even though he’s 9 years older than me.

Mama, trying to not be in the pictures. 

Just a little wrasslin. 

Can’t believe I get to be married to this guy. What a cutie!