#884 Baccalaureate Mother’s Day.

It was such a tough morning, saying the official goodbye to our seniors from the youth group. For the first time in Ben’s 6 years of youth ministry, he stood up to speak about them and couldn’t say anything because he got a little emotional. A lot emotional, actually. It’s been amazing seeing these guys, the oldest in the group, as the role models for the younger ones—they came on their own and their parents never made them. They came because they wanted to be there. There’s not much more inspiring than that as a youth leader when so often you see students’ church interest wane once a driver’s license enters the picture. We’re going to miss them so much.

 Ricky couldn’t look at Ben. Turns out he gets a little emotional, too.

This is what proud families look like, and our youth boys have some wonderful families.

After we hugged their necks 3 times each, we finally left the church late and went to my grandmothers’ house for Mother’s Day lunch with the Rasberry side of the family.

My gorgeous mama. I only wish she could see herself the way I see her.
Daddy, front porch rocking:
I am so thankful that this baby girl grew up, met my daddy and had a baby girl of her own. Happy mother’s day, Kare Bear!