#885 The Slipcover Miracle.

In one of my riskiest money-saving maneuvers ever, I went through a website called Needle & Shears to order custom made white denim slipcovers that would match the new sofas from Ikea. Mama’s old couch, the most comfortable one in the universe, is roughly the size of a boat and sleeps better than the most expensive bed in the world. But it was covered in a tan corduroy that incidentally matched exactly the armchair and ottoman we bought with the house from Mrs. Mary Lynn. Which is okay, but I’m all about white, you know.

I googled till my eyes crossed searching for the cheapest (but good looking) semi-custom slipcovers I could find, but no luck. They were all the baggy numbers with straps you use to “customize the fit,” but really it just looks like a king size bedsheet no matter how tight you pull those straps.

Then finally, I found this company. They sent me fabric samples to compare to my Ikea Ektorp sofas, I picked a soft brushed white denim, and the total for my order was $650, about half the price of every other quote I was able to get for custom slipcovers. The way this company works is you email them very detailed photographs of your furniture per their instructions, then you take VERY detailed measurements of every last part of the furniture, per their instructions. They use them to make custom covers with welting and pleats made for each individual cushion or frame, so it looks just like Pottery Barn or Ikea’s slipcovered furniture. Then you send it all to them and hope you did a good enough job. I, personally, did not trust myself to measure anything correctly for one second. But I am impatient and couldn’t wait for Ben to do it, so I did it myself and sent in the measurements and made the payment with my fingers crossed. I only was able to sleep that night knowing they have a guarantee. If it doesn’t fit, they’ll fix it until it does for free.

They came in today. And by some miracle, they are absolutely perfect.

So. If you’ve got some stuff you need to have recovered, I HIGHLY recommend these folks. Now I’ve got to get serious about finishing up the reading room!