#892 Date Night at Home.

It was such a very long, long Monday. I was completely spent when I got home at 6. Ben was in the mood for fajitas tonight, so he got out the skillet and cooked dinner for us both. The nights have been feeling so wonderful out, breezy and cool and nothing like the smothering heat that moves in around June. He went outside and lit the citronella candles so we could have a date on our own porch. We sat a while talking before we ate, drinking Fresca and cranberry juice. We felt like we were somewhere far away, on a vacation.

I’ve been slowly accumulating furniture and rugs and lanterns to make it feel like part of the inside of the house. When you open up the French doors to the porch dining area, I want it to feel seamless. Tonight he surprised me by testing it out and I’ve never had such a sweetly romantic dinner.

The love of my life. That’s all.

This is exactly how I always fantasized my someday home would feel.  

I’m also excited that the desk is now in its place and we hung 2 of the 20 maps we’ve collected for this room. I’m excited that Mitter is going to frame the others now that all the furniture is in place. I’ll post a house tour one of these days!

I’m definitely going to fall asleep counting my blessings tonight.