#896 Night on the Town.

My sweet grandmother hardly ever gets to go to town anymore since her car keys were relinquished a few years ago. Nowadays, trips to town are for the doctor appointments and sometimes the groceries. Yesterday she told me she’d love to go shopping and buy herself some new clothes sometime. Since my parents are on vacation and I’m in charge of the night time routine, I told her I’d love to have a little date night tonight. And she was very excited. At 2 o’clock this afternoon she called and said, “I’m ready!” and I told her I’d be ready to go as soon as I finished my work around 5. I picked her up, and off we went to the mall to find some new petite-sized outfits for Mother Goose.

She needs a little help keeping steady when she’s walking, and this is my favorite thing. We always hold hands, just like when I was little and needed help too.

She gave me her wallet and waited while I paid for her new shirt and linen pedal pushers. Very cute purchases.

Then we went home because this dude…
spent his evening cooking us roasted rosemary chicken (her recipe that she can no longer make on her own), broccoli and cheese, green beans and garlic toast while we were out. I am completely. Insanely. Head over heels.
She spent the longest time staring at all the old photos of she and my grandfather that hang in the entryway and tried her best to recall the year and location of each one.
And after I dropped her off, she called me 10 minutes later to tell me she loved tonight. And I loved it too. More than she could ever know.