#895 The Wakulla Springs Photo.

Have you ever visited the blog Dear Photograph? I often do and feel so nostalgic and melancholy when I see those old photos in the present. It’s a beautiful blog. Today I rediscovered one of my grandmother’s old photos from a trip to Wakulla Springs she and her sisters took in the 1940s. Ben and I visit this very secluded paradise every summer and I knew that beautiful walkway in the photo instantly. It’s so unusual because it’s not a popular place you hear about often, but it’s extremely special to Ben and I. We will be going there soon and I will be bringing it with me so I can take a past and present photo like those on the blog. I will stand in that very same spot and try my best to feel them there too. Isn’t it amazing to think of all the things that have happened between then and now, yet everything is there just as it was. Isn’t that fascinating?