#9 I’m gonna mash you up.

This is Isaac:

He is my cousin Kelsa’s little boy, and possibly the most precious child who ever lived. Growing up, Kelsa was like my big sister that kept me entertained and creative throughout my childhood. Now that she has a little boy, he sometimes gets to stay over at my mama’s house and we try not to miss these visits. He calls Ben “the bear,” because my husband so enjoys terrifying him by holding his hands (paws) high in the air and growling and chasing him. Isaac is constantly asking “where’s the bear? He’s going to scare me. I want him to scaaaaare me!”…

Tonight my daddy comforted Isaac by telling him that Ben won’t hurt him because he’ll just mash him up and throw him out in the yard. Real nice, daddy. Now it’s Isaac’s favorite maneuver to squeeze Ben’s knees and scream “I’m gonna mash you!!!!!!”