#905 Reunion Then & Now.

Reunion Sunday will apparently forevermore constitute Creek Swimming Sunday. First there was lunch with all the Napier descendants:

 Layin’ it on em.
Interestingly, I found pictures from my first-ever Napier family reunion in 2005. I’d known Ben for 6 months! Oddly, we sat in the exact same spot this year. Check it out:
 I said, “Look excited!” Rev went with “crazy.”

 Tommy boy and his girl in 2005:
Tommy boy and his girl today:

Jesse and Ben 2005:
Lyn and Sam 2005:

Jared 2005:

Me and Ben in 2005:
My haircut was awkward. Get over it.
And today:
Isn’t it fascinating? Allison and I were just brand new girlfriends at that point! Jookie said today that there was no point in remembering the boys’ girlfriends’ names until there was a ring, so Allison and I both got names in 2007. Ha!
Anyway, once the eating’s finished, it’s time for swimming!
 Mitter Ben clipping stray limbs from the runway.

Baby Harper wasn’t here this time last year. Today she dipped her little toes in the freezing Terrible Creek for the first time ever.

 And she loved it!