#907 DIY.

Why pay a groomer to wash Chevy when he’ll sit perfectly still and let us do it right here in the backyard?

Baker’s face is my favorite.

He even let me dry him really well with towels when we were finished:

We just assumed that because he’s so big it’d be a nightmare to wash him ourselves so we took him to the vet to get baths. But looka here! He’s apparently crazy about getting washed. He sat stone still for us the entire time. Such a very good pup. Baker acted like he wanted a bath too until he got sprayed with the hose, then he decided he did not.

And why take our artwork to be framed when Mitter can just do it himself? He made 3 tonight including this one for our map of Stockbridge:

And why buy an expensive grainsack table runner when mama and I can just make one ourselves from canvas drop cloth and fancy stitching on her sewing machine?

Being a cheapskate eventually makes you more skilled. True story.