#910 Blues Bash Porching.

Blues Bash is held annually every summer on the lawn of the art museum about 100 yards from our new front door, so this year we got to be a part of it for the first time ever. Somehow we’ve been out of pocket every other year! We invited my parents over for dinner and Ben grilled us burgers, chicken, steak kabobs, tuna steaks and asparagus. He made just a couple of each so we could all get a taste of everything. So good!
All night long, our street was filled with families and couples toting lawn chairs, young people, old people, babies in strollers and dogs on leashes. It felt like we were in a college town. Dr. Ellis and Mrs. Judy sat a spell with us while he and daddy talked about The War (between the states, of course):
Friedrich, if you’re reading this—they are Charlie Day’s in-laws, Mary Elizabeth’s parents. How cool is that?

We could hear the music as clearly as if we were right in front of the stage. The singer was a soulful piano playing blueswoman that the crowd was loving. She played Ray Charles, which got everyone singing along, dancing and hollering. When night fell, we leashed up the pups and headed across the street to see everybody and listen to the music. Chevy and Baker are like the pied pipers of children. Kids flock instinctively when they see dogs that look like huge white teddy bears.

I bet there were 1,000 people there!

After socializing for a while on the museum lawn and the Stancills’ porch, Ben and I came back home to sit in our own front porch adirondacks under the ceiling fan. The crowd began to dissipate and we just left the candle lantern burning so our friends walking home would know we were still a part of the fun too. It felt like early fall tonight, which is so unusual for June in Mississippi. I was chilled, actually.

And I could tell that this is one of the nights I know I’ll always remember when I am old.

If you weren’t there, you better come next year.