#92 Very Good Friday.

Today had a lot of great spots, so this is going to be another rambling post. Sorry, folks.

The great thing about working for yourself is having the say-so about when you can take off. After I got Jessie’s calling cards all wrapped up for delivery:

I took off to spend the day with my mama. After we took care of some Lucky Luxe business around Hattiesburg, and picked up my brother-in-law’s AWESOME new t-shirts:
(my handsome husband was kind enough to model them)

we went on the hunt for the perfect Easter dress. We walked into Dillard’s and the first one we saw was the one for me and she even bought it for me as a sort of Easter basket replacement. I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise, but I’ll show pictures of us all dressed up on Sunday.

Another great purchase made (must stop shopping so often. I HATE spending money), was this fantastic twill and lace dress that’s going to be perfect for our little summer road trip:
(bought on sale from AE for $29.50)

Won’t it be great for long walks in the summer heat? Ohhhhhhh boy oh boy I can’t wait!

When mama and I made it back to Laurel this evening, all the neighborhood fellers (Ben, Jim, Josh & Khiron) were outside helping Josh wash and detail his new 1972 Skylark convertible, then a big group of boys from the youth group came tearing into the house and raided our fridge for cokes, snatched up Ben’s basketball and were gone as fast as they had come. Then Ben’s baby brother Jesse, who was getting dressed for his first prom, called me a few times to ask questions about how exactly to assemble the rented wingtip tuxedo shirt, bow tie and cufflinks (which secretly made my heart melt) because his parents were at the church preparing for the tenebrae service. I’ve never had a younger sibling and I relish any opportunity to play big sister for Jesse who is already an athletic beast of a man and much, much bigger than I. It feels good to know he values my advice every now and then:
(my handsome “little” brother Jesse at Lake Junaluska last summer)

After our tenebrae church service tonight, we had dinner with my family at Clark and Amanda’s house and laughed again about old stories my dad’s told at least a hundred times. There were so many good things about today, most of all, my family. I am so very thankful for every single one of them.