#942 The Road Trip.

Ben’s class reunion is going to be in North Carolina this fall so we’ve saved our pennies and made a plan to keep on trucking all the way up to Vermont to see the peak of the leaves changing. She promises to show me all the pictures, but I sincerely would love to see just one of my sweet brides get married!

Since we’re already driving 12 hours to the class reunion, we figured driving 12 more hours to New England wouldn’t be too terrible and it’s way cheaper than flying. We finished booking our rooms in each town today, so here’s the itinerary!

1. Ben lived close to Duke University, his daddy’s alma mater and his favorite team on earth, and I’ve never been there so night 1 will be spent in Durham.

2. Day 2 will be spent in Reidsville, Ben’s old hometown:

3. Day 3 will be spent on the road for 11 long hours. Along the way, we’ll be stopping in West Chester, Pennsylvania:

Then carrying on to Stockbridge, Massachusetts to stay in the Red Lion Inn again because it was the most magical experience of our lives last year.

4. Then we’ll head 2 hours north to Woodstock, Vermont where we’ll be staying at the Ardmore Inn. I hope we get some good maple syrup and cheddar cheese while we’re there!


5. Then the last stop will be on the way home, the halfway mark, Lexington, Virginia:
I’m so excited I can almost forget the 24 hour car ride we’ll have to endure… Each way. I’m honestly a little happy about the car ride because all that time on the road means plenty of time for good, long conversation. Ben and I spent the first 2 years of our relationship driving several hours a week together to our church and we miss it all the time.