#972 Tea Time + Laundry Room Re-Do.

Our incredibly talented friend Cassie invited Brooke and I over to for tea this afternoon and I was thrilled to finally take a tour of their Mediterranean mansion that’s around the corner from our humble abode. Since I was a little girl, I’ve been enamored with that gorgeous poured concrete home and seeing the inside was like taking a museum tour. I feel like I should’ve tipped Cassie for all the great history! We sipped iced mint tea and had hot poppyseed bread hot out of the oven as a wicked storm was blowing in and before long the power went out and we were in the dark. We lit a candle and carried on and I began to wonder why I don’t sit in the dark more often. It felt cozy and like our conversation was weightier because of it.

I really like these girls. I hope we’ll make a habit of tea visits. After a couple hours, Brooke and I walked the 50 steps to our own houses under my big umbrella as the drizzle died down.

When I got home, I found Ben hard at work making the built-ins I’ve been wanting in the mud/laundry room that will house dog things and the miscellaneous, and a bench that we can slide our rainboots underneath on sunny days across from it. Before, there was just a flimsy black particle board bookcase so this is a major upgrade.

 Why all the cayenne pepper, you may ask? Because it keeps the dogs from digging.

I can’t wait to get everything cleaned back up and see it all painted and finished with hardware! I can’t tell you how fantastic it is to live with such a handy guy.