#98 A little vacation.

First of all, our apartment wasn’t just featured on my blog here, but Apartment Therapy did an abbreviated article on their homepage today as well! We were totally shocked that they’d even consider a space in little ole Mississippi feature-worthy, but in fact they’re interested in doing an extended feature on our loft in the future. How’s that for an unexpected turn?

In light of this exhausting, exciting whirlwind week we’ve had, we decided on a whim to get in the car and head for the beach. We both need some sun and a change of scenery. On our way, we stopped at Wintzell’s Oyster House in downtown Mobile. It’s the coolest seafood restaurant in the south by my own estimation, and was my pappaw Rasberry’s favorite place to eat back in the day.
(I went with the shrimp po-boy, and Ben had the oyster platter. Nope, his picture isn’t posed at all. That’s totally natural.)

Then we took a ride around downtown because it was a little chilly to walk. While driving, I asked Ben to swing past the park behind the Saenger Theatre because that’s where I met Adam Duritz of the Counting Crows in 11th grade before a concert. It. Was. LIFE CHANGING. Sadly, my friend Nancy couldn’t work my fancy camera and I only got a photo of she and Adam and then he was gone.

Oh well, downtown Mobile was really awesome tonight as far as we could tell. It was like a cleaner, nicer New Orleans. I highly recommend it.