#990 Hurricane Prep.

If you know me, you know how much I love having a list of things to do and checking them off. When I got home from work Ben was just heading out the door to play basketball and had finished mowing the grass. Hurricane Isaac is supposed to hit tomorrow night so he wanted to get the yard just so before floods come and make the grass grow even faster. When he left I set about getting the house secured in the event it actually does get severe, even though it’s not likely. I brought in everything from the porch that might blow away or be broken, vacuumed the workshop floors for the pups so they’ll have a nice, non-sawdusty place to hunker down when the first thunder rolls, I took out all the trash from inside, brought in the wreath, and then weeded the flower beds, washed the dishes, swept the laundry room and did the laundry because I finished everything else I wanted to do. It feels good to take care of your home in an old-fasioned sort of way. I wish we had those functional storm shutters to latch over the windows just in case. Well, just because they look cool.