#989 Late Night TV Time.

I’ve been struggling with a rough cold or sinus infection this week, and I’m feeling particularly sluggish and lazy. So after an episode of Felicity with brudder (season 1, of course), we turned off the DVD player and turned on network TV for the first time in months and I was both entertained (at first) then shocked by the next show—I can’t believe what they put on TV for teenagers to watch these days.

Regardless, it felt so good to be irresponsible and not get anything done around the house and just watch TV for a minute. It’s definitely not going to be a daily occurrence for me, but just this once… It was just what the doctor ordered.

Especially since if this hurricane hits us, there will be no cozy lazy time, just power outages and canned food. I’ll say an extra good prayer tonight that you’ll be reading a post here on Wednesday night and all will be safe and sound.