Advice to Our Younger Selves

What advice would you give to your younger self? Today your favorite people from Home Town share valuable lessons that they've learned throughout grade school, college and life. 


  1. Do everything with excellence. Whether you’re tying your shoes, cleaning your room or the dishes. The way you perform those tasks matter in the grand scheme of things. It’ll pour into everything you do later on. — Emily Nowell


  1. No matter how high school is going for you, it is the beginning, not the end. Make big goals for yourself. — Erin Napier



  1. Don’t let your current circumstances impede your hope for the future.— Josh Nowell



  1. Wake up early and make your bed. — Mallorie Rasberry


  1. Do the best you can, and don’t worry about it. — Ben Napier


  1. Focus on one thing and be great at it. You don’t want to look back and wonder how you would have performed under pressure. Do the work, luck will follow. Win or lose, you will know you gave it your all. No regrets. — Jim Rasberry


  1. Don’t gossip if you want people’s trust. — Erin Napier


  1. Always take the high road. Don’t get yourself in the ditch with drama or mean people. Forget the bad, create the good. — Jim Rasberry


  1. When driving, pay attention to everything. The kid playing in the yard 3 houses down, the car at the intersection, the driver 4 car lengths ahead of you, your gauges, and your mirrors. — Ben Napier


  1. Who you want to be tomorrow isn’t as important as who you actually are today. — Josh Nowell

  1. Join the band. Don’t let anyone fool you. The band is cool and teaches lessons no other sport can. — Mallorie Rasberry


  1. Jim Elliot says it best, “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.” — Josh Nowell