American Made by Design

When we were preparing to open the doors of Laurel Mercantile, we had the option, just like any other company, to source our products from overseas. We knew it would be easier and cheaper that way- we could get any item we wanted for a fraction of the price by sourcing it overseas. To us, it seemed like the easy choice. 

Our gut told us that the easiest option isn’t always the best option. We want to feel proud of the products we offer. We've worked hard to get our businesses off the ground and we understand what these other small manufacturers and businesses have done to get where they are. It's not always easy and that's why it's so important to us to support other small American manufactures because our small towns depend on them.

It’s not that we have anything against other countries or their manufacturing, it’s just that these are our neighbors. People with the same goal, taking risks with small businesses to help boost the American economy and live the American dream. It’s important to us to fill our homes with things that matter, things that are built to last, but more than that, things that tell a story and carry meaning. If you were to step inside any of the LMCo. owners homes, you’d find things like heirloom pieces of furniture or gallery walls that have been carefully curated with images or items that are significant and carry history or meaning within each family.

To us, it's all about being able to feel proud of the items that fill our homes and it's those durable, heirloom pieces that help us achieve that feeling. That's why we strive to create or source durable, American goods that are meant to be passed down. Jim Rasberry remembers feeling overwhelmed with emotion when he was gifted with a hammer that once belonged to his grandfather. That hammer became one of his most prized possessions simply because of the meaning behind it. That’s what we were after. We wanted to replicate that same feeling. We intend for our products to be used and to collect stories and history along the way. Then, when the original owner can’t make use of that item anymore, they’d be able to pass it down. We used those heirloom pieces to set the tone for the items that we build here in our Scotsman Co. Woodshop as well as the items that we source from American makers. We all know the saying, “they don’t make ‘em like they used to”, but we were ready to change that perspective. It's important to us to create things that are of the highest quality. We believe there is little that is more rewarding than creating things with your own hands. That’s why we build as many wood, durable goods in our woodshop right here in Laurel, MS. 

Even when we source products from other manufacturers, we love knowing that when we purchase products or items from American manufacturers, we are putting money right back into the community or into the hands of the hard working Americans that are building their own small businesses. That’s why we choose to support businesses like Long Leaf Leather Co. Dustin, is a Mississippi leather maker who quit his 9-5 job to build a small-business creating hand-made, durable leather goods. Each piece is hand-crafted by 100% North American leather and made in Ellisville, MS. 

That’s what it’s about. It’s about Americans supporting Americans. That’s what it’s going to take to keep these small towns strong. Ben Napier said it best and it’s become our mission statement, “If we’re going to be serious about revitalizing small town America, then we have to be serious about American manufacturing and the small towns that depend on it.”

In 2018, our company partnered with Vaughan-Bassett, the largest manufacturer of wooden residential furniture in the United States, to create our LMCo. Home Furniture lines. Each piece is designed right here in Laurel, MS and hand-crafted by 600 American workers in Galax, Virginia. We’re on a mission to help keep American manufacturing alive and well and the best way we know how to do that is by supporting and sourcing as much as we can from company’s just like Vaughan-Bassett. We will continue to make partnerships with American-made companies because we are committed to doing our little part to keep America strong.