An Interview & House Tour with Mallorie Rasberry

Most Home Town viewers know Mallorie Rasberry as the creative DIY-er and Erin’s best friend. She is indeed both of those things in real life, but her roles and list of various titles doesn't end there. She’s a co-owner of Laurel Mercantile Co.; an AirBnb Superhost; a speaker to Main Street organizations across the U.S.; and most importantly, a wife and a mom to two precious girls, Lucy and Lottie.

Since moving to Laurel after college, she has worked alongside a team of friends to make Laurel all that it can be. All the while creating lasting memories that make the blood, sweat and tears of revitalizing a small town worth it.

It's no secret that Mallorie’s most outstanding quality is the way she extends hospitality so naturally. The Rasberry home is the backdrop to many Laurel Mercantile photos, gatherings and just...well, life in Laurel. She shares their home with others intentionally and often, and even CBS Sunday Morning and Country Living Magazine have reaped the benefits of their front porch. No big deal, right? Actually, yes, it’s a huge deal. 

In the spirit of hospitality, Mallorie is letting us get a peek into the home that has captured the hearts of all who catch a glimpse of its green, Cape Cod-Esque glory.

So consider this your virtual invitation— let's take a look around!

“This house has always been green.  Right after we moved in, we were doing some touch-ups around the exterior so I needed to color match the paint. We were surprised to learn that the color is Sherwin Williams' Laurel Woods. Pretty serendipitous, right?! So it’s just going to be that color forever and ever, Amen. Even though 15 other shades of various colors would be beautiful on this house, it doesn't matter. When something is historic and iconic, you don’t mess with that."

“Because we are limited on the color of the house, I wanted to have a little fun with the front door. I'm pretty crazy about all things lemon so I chose a really fun mustard yellow. It's bold and sunny and lovely and welcoming....all the things a front door should be."

"The family that built this home back in 1907, The Gilchrists, really loved to entertain and you can tell by their thoughtful layout and generous size of each space. Even though it was pretty overwhelming and intimidating at first, we hope we continue that legacy and it definitely plays a huge role in our decision making with each project around the house."

"My style revolves around functionality and comfort. I wanted the porch to be a space that’s informal and comfortable, but dynamic for entertaining large groups. We have a big family and framily, and we love that our house has become a soft landing place and ground zero for functions."


 "I've always loved antique shopping and collecting sentimental things. Well, I like to shop, period. When I'm out looking for good deals, my eye drifts towards anything blue and white, specifically ginger jars. So you'll see those everywhere in my house— on the shelves, on tables, in the kitchen."

"The "window room" is where we spend most of our time. It has the best natural light and it feels like you're outside on those perfect spring and fall days. What I love most is how much the girls enjoy this room. There are toys everywhere in here but we don't mind a bit. We love living in the pink chaos!" 

Dining Room

"I grew up on a dairy farm. So you'll see a lot of cows, chickens and farm animals around the house. I like having those details playfully scattered throughout the house. They're great conversation starters!"

Entryway/Keeping Room

"Since the moment I saw this painting of this gorgeous lady I knew I had to have her. She reminds me so much of my grandmother, and I think of her when I look at it along with her blue and white plates on the wall."

"These other found portraits were just fascinating to me. I've always been drawn to old oil portraits...when I find a good one, I scoop it up! I've got a pretty good collection coming together. Jim's been a great sport about it. God love him. He puts up with my obscurities and rolls right with it."

"When we moved in, we just let everything sit for a moment. I mean, we didn't rush to hang things up or buy new furniture. We didn't know how we'd actually use these rooms until we lived in it for awhile. This room was originally our dining room, and then we eventually figured out that it was better as a sitting/music room. This house has taught me to not rush the process and rooms can evolve throughout the seasons of life."

Jim's Bourbon Room

"This is our go-to room for hanging out with company. A lot of late nights...but also early mornings...we get our morning coffee and watch CBS Sunday Morning religiously in here every Sunday. I'm not sure why but that trumpet just sounds better in this room!"

"This room is naturally a little more masculine. We took our time and waited until we found the right pieces. I tend to buy the things I can't live without and be content to live with blank spaces until I found the next, right thing. I guess that's why I'm still putting this house together 5 years in!"

"This shelf was originally a doorway. One of our most popular Home Town hacks is to make a useless doorway into a bookshelf... or a bourbon shelf in this case."

"When we found out that Season One had been ordered, we loaded up and went to Texas. We stopped at a random gas station on the way home and were really inspired by the Texan mentality! When Jim found these humongous horns, he had to have them. We piled them in the trunk and headed back to Laurel. Now we always remember that trip and have proof that statement pieces can be found literally anywhere."

"This was Jim's childhood t-shirt that I found in family storage. He and Erin have nostalgic memories about the Holidome Holiday Inn in Navarre Beach. They talk about it all the time. For last year's Father's Day, I got it framed. Jim and his mom both got teary. It was a really sweet moment. The best artwork doesn't have to be "art" at all. Just loved." 


"The upstairs is still a work in progress, but we knew that it would take a while to get it where we wanted it to be. It's been so much fun bringing life to each space and making each room work for our family."

"The Gilchrist Family enjoyed this home for generations and really invested in making the home friendly and accessible to all. We are so thankful for that. If you ask Lucy, the working elevator is one of the coolest things about the house. Naturally, I dressed it up with some paint, a rug and this thrifted dog print."

"Most of our rooms have an underlying inspiration, and our guest bedroom has been one of my favorites to decorate. It's all Americana. Vintage flag, old quilts, red gingham, blue toile, random corner sink....yes, please!"

"My biggest hope is that people feel welcome and comfortable when they walk through our doors. That's what hospitality and home mean to me. To leave feeling better than when you came." 

Thanks for stopping by, friend!


P.S. — If you're looking for a place to stay during your visit to Laurel, be sure to check out the Laurel Cottages, hosted by Mallorie and Jim.