Ben's Birthday, the Arrival of Fall & New Flannels To Match

It has been practically Heaven on Earth in Mississippi today. The highest temperature is 75 degrees, and for once, the world feels right. That's how we knew there was simply no better day to launch our new Scotsman flannel collection!

Per tradition, our team selects five different styles and colors earlier in the year, and we wait in anticipation to see them completed by the fall. It feels a bit like early Christmas every year when they finally arrive! Here's a sneak peek of this year's Scotsman picks. 

Shop Scotsman Co. Crimson Traditional Flannel



Shop Scotsman Co. Blue Jay Traditional Flannel


Shop Scotsman Co. Olive Traditional Flannel


Shop Scotsman Co. Ocean Traditional Flannel


Aren't they so incredible? We're excited to see where you all wear your flannels this season. Be sure to tag us in your #lmcoflanneladventures on Instagram and Facebook! You can shop our entire flannel collection here. 


(P. S. — Here's what Erin posted for Ben's special day.)


"We’ve spent 16 of your 38 birthdays together, and I’m thankful for every one of them, that we had the luck of growing up together. Your girls all love you more than pancakes and Elvis. Happy birthday, Big Ben. 🥳🥰" — @erinapier