Ben's Got Something To Say

"Our new flannels are here, and they are made here. We pride ourselves on our efforts to sell products made in the USA. A few have commented on the price of those shirts. Some of them are downright angry as if the price is a personal attack against them. 

We are proud of this great nation we live in. Part of what makes this country the best place to make goods is that you can work in a safe environment and earn a fair wage for your family. Who pays for that? The person buying the product. What is it you sell for a living? Because I promise that you do indeed sell a product of some kind. It might be your knowledge, your ability, something you make, or those things for someone else. Whatever it is, you charge what you think is fair. If you don’t think your pay is fair, you charge more or move on to another job. Our price is based off of our American manufacturers’ price to us. We actually charge less than we should on our flannels because it’s one of my personal favorite products.

I challenge you to look at the label on your shirt, see what country it’s made in, research their labor laws, and think about how you can help keep someone’s job here in America by shopping American made when your budget allows and think of the community that thrives wherever it’s made because of people like you." — Ben Napier

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