Mississippi Made Vendor Spotlight: Blessings and Hugs Woodworking with Don and Kathie

Laurel natives, Don and Kathie Scott, are a woodworking duo that are using their life in retirement creatively. After Kathie worked at a local business for 43 years and Don worked in law enforcement for 37 years, they thought they would pick up a hobby. They didn't realize that woodworking would become more than a hobby; it would become the way that they connect with others from across the country. Their one-of-a-kind pieces have drawn woodworking collectors (and now, new friends) from all over.

Don said, "I retired after a long career in law enforcement and wanted to find a hobby to have something to entertain myself. Thank goodness, my wife was all about it. She's taken part in the hobby that we started. I do the turning, and she does the finished work like calligraphy on the bottoms and paintings inside the articles. It's just something we enjoy doing together."

Don and Kathie wanted to create different pieces in style, color, wood species, and shape. Their main goal is to ensure that every item has something different to offer. 

He said, "Our goal is that every time we turn something out, we like it to be a little different from the one we did before. We like them to be unique, and that's been well received by the people that have seen the items."

Since the beginning of their woodworking adventure, Don and Kathie have had fun experimenting and dreaming up new pieces to make. One of their favorites is the coloring pencil vases that sell out whenever they're available. 

"We make bowls and vases of all shapes and sizes. We also make pencil holders. At the right time of the year, I love to use coloring pencils to make the vases, too."

Kathie commented, "Woodworking was truly a blessing when Don retired because people expect you do not have anything to do when you retire. God gave him this desire and the talent to do Woodworking, and we just started making things for people. We enjoyed watching people appreciate the wood, and we've learned to appreciate every piece. At first, I had to reign myself in; I wanted to be a hoarder and keep every piece for myself! Each one was prettier than the last one." 

Don and Kathie are big fans of Home Town and particularly enjoy watching Ben build on Ben's Workshop. They share the same appreciation for history, different species of woods, and working together to create something unique. 

Don said, "I work with lots of different woods: Purple Heart, maple, but cedar is my favorite. We even use Sapele and African mahogany; it's all got its character, and everything turns out differently with different wood."

Don said, "We love taking part and supporting the Mississippi Made events at Laurel Mercantile. We love meeting all the people that come from out-of-state. It's just so much fun for us!"

We're so grateful that Don and Kathie are a part of our first Mississippi Made in 2022. Be sure to check out their vases and woodwork on March 12, 2022!