American Flags Actually Made in America

We're pretty big supporters of American makers and artisans, if you don't know by now. That's why when we discovered Allegiance Flag Supply in Charleston, South Carolina, we had to partner with them and have their flags in our stores.


Founders Katie and Wes Lyon and Max Berry were once first-time homebuyers who were in the process of creating their dream homes. There was only one thing missing— an American flag for the front porch. 

In the south, the finishing touch for any house is an American flag cascading off of the front porch. The American flag is not just a decorative object, it represents pride in our home country, gratefulness for military personnel sacrifices, and it's a bright welcome to fellow neighbors. Yet Max and the Lyons could only find American flags made in other countries.

They said, "We searched high and low for a better flag, but big box stores and Amazon purchases only turned up flags that were made in China or if they were made domestically, felt mass-produced or spit out of big machine thousands at a time with cheap materials."

These three took measures into their own hands and established Allegiance Flag Supply, specializing in making high-quality American flags. 

They began to search the country to find the highest quality materials, sewing processes, and accessories made in America. 

Their story continues, "Not long after the company's inception, they began working with a third-generation, family-owned factory where many of the seamstresses had seen their jobs disappear as American textile manufacturing moved overseas. After tirelessly testing fabrics and exploring sewing techniques to create the perfect flag, Allegiance was born, contributing to a resurgence in American textile manufacturing along the way."

Today, they're proud to be a company that accounts for every hem, every thread, every new job, and every flag that leaves their factory. They love what they do, and they love their country. Now they want to share it with others that feel the same way, too. 


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