Mississippi Made Vendor Spotlight: Emma Wilder Farm & Goat Soaps

Barry and Kimberly Broome are the owners of Emma Wilder Farm, affectionately named after their two children. They raise Nubian milk goats and keep a honey bee apiary on their farm as a family. Along with creating assorted goat milk soaps, they bottle raw honey and harvest beeswax. 

Kimberly tells the story, "When we were married early on, we had our first daughter, Kelsey Emma. We purchased my great-grandmother's land of 18 acres and built a small home there. We started adding livestock, like chickens and eventually goats. We had goats for a couple of years before we started making goat milk soap."

In 2019, they began making small assorted goat milk soaps for friends and family to give as gifts, and with much praise, they began flirting with the idea of making more. In 2020, they started their website and Facebook page and began attending festivals to gauge interest with much success.

Since the beginning of their family farm adventure, Kimberly and Barry wanted to create something that involved their children, teaching them to work hard and make something valuable and healthy. 

Kimberly says, "Our soaps are special for many reasons. From feeding the goats, hand milking to making the soap, we do it all by hand. They're also made with goat's milk, making a creamier soap bar. Goat's milk is also good for you. It's full of nutrients and vitamins, and it's a good wholesome product."

For Kimberly, making a healthy and safe product for her kids is essential. She says, "We use essential oils and natural colorants, so there's nothing toxic or synthetic involved. We use goat's milk, we have lye, and then we also use olive oil, coconut oil, and castor oil. If it has a scent, it's an essential oil. Then we also use natural colorants like Mater root or Tumeric, to enhance the colors."

Their most excited about bringing their children up in an environment that encourages them to create with their hands and possibly create a family legacy. 

She remarks, "I would love to provide a successful business to pass on to my children if that's what they would like to do in the future. I would love for them to be self-employed as adults. My husband works a full-time job, which helps to support our farm hobbies and allows me to be a stay-at-home mom. We enjoy it!"


She continues, "The best thing is we feel like we're providing a good, wholesome, simple, and purely natural product to South Mississippi."

The Emma Wilder Farm crew is excited to be a part of this year's Mississippi Made festival and the chance to bring along their best and newest soaps. Their best seller is the Lavender soap and the unscented Oat & Honey bar, made with honey from their honeybees, and ground-up oatmeal, which exfoliates. 

We're so grateful that Kimberly and Barry are a part of our first Mississippi Made in 2022. Be sure to check out their goat milk soaps on March 12, 2022!