Such a lovely 36 hours in New England. Speaking at the JFK Library and a book signing at Trident felt like a dream. Last night at a very nice dinner in downtown Boston, while it poured down rain and I was warm and safe inside and talking about my favorite books with a new friend, a song called “Waiting For My Real Life to Begin” by Colin Hay was playing quietly but I could just hear it over the din of the room. In 2015, the summer I turned 30, the little stationery company I’d made from scratch was on shaky ground and we had just finished filming the pilot for Home Town. Many pilots never air, and many small businesses close up shop, and I let those thoughts take hold of me. We were living in a kind of limbo, and that song was my medicine. It was a balm for my worried heart who couldn’t see where we were headed. Even though I knew the secret is to walk by faith, not by sight, at the time I just felt afraid. God is so good, all the time. And His plan for us is always for His greater purpose. Last night, hearing that song gave me a chill. It was a reminder. And I gave thanks. ❤️