Out-of-the-Norm Dorm Ideas

Dorm room decorating sure has changed immensely over the years. Long gone are the days of just grabbing a bed-in-a-bag and a simple cork board to be done. It makes sense to us though...If your dorm/apartment will be your home for at least the next year and with college being such a big transition, why not make your space feel as much like home as possible? Often times we see people committing to themes and fads. We like to think of a home or space as it’s own person. Allow your design choices to represent your personality. It’s exciting to step into a home and feel like you know that person a little more, you know? Treat your space the same way. Find elements that define you, that draw you in and make you proud of your space. We know all of this can be overwhelming so we’ve put together a few options for inspiration.

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Botanical Garden 
A space that is filled with neutral, earthy tones that welcome and calm you after a tough day of lectures.

Migrate Home 
A simple room with masculine touches. This room calls us home. 

Work of Heart
Y’all know how much we love a vintage quilt - doesn’t matter if it’s draping a bed, rolled up in a basket or hanging on a wall - it’s an easy way to bring a piece of home and family with you wherever you go. This space welcomes creativity - think outside of the box! 

There's no Place like Home 
No matter what adventures you take on, there's no place like home. Fill your space with items that matter and represent your personality. This look is good for both the gals and guys!
Jackie O 
A room filled with poise and dignity. Even young college students can have simple, classic rooms that boast in elegance. Less is more! Tip: choose your bedding carefully and upsize to a queen or even a king. Odds are, you won’t have a twin size bed forever and now that beautiful, expensive bedding will be able to put use for several years rather than just one or two. Plus the oversized bedding acts as a bedskirt for those weirdly tall dorm beds.
Laurel Wreath 
A quiet room that speaks for itself. Inviting and cozy, while still offering a sophisticated feel. 


Home of the Brave 
Americana is a common design choice for guys normally but we think this look is universal! 

We know dorm rooms aren’t typically the largest rooms but don’t let that stop you from making bold choices.

Tip:As new adults, start making design choices and investing in pieces that are timeless and well made. You will be able to start building your collection of things that bring you joy for years and years rather than wasting money on things that you will throw away in 12 months! Shop our Back to School Collection  to gather the items we think make great first purchases for dorms and first apartments!