Erin's Favorite Shades of Blue

Erin and Ben are in the midst of airing season six, and it's hard to believe it's been that many seasons already! Their style has evolved over the last few years, Ben's builds have gotten even more creative, and their family has grown by two little girls. 

One thing that hasn't changed is Erin's love for the shade of blue in the home. The Napier team never scares away from the soothing coastal color, whether a primary exterior color or a pop of saturated hues in an entryway. There's no such as too much blue if you have the right one. Here are a few that Erin loves to use in Home Town houses.

6223 STILL WATER by Sherwin Williams

Erin used this exterior paint color on the Mohon House on season five, and it's a stunner from the street view and up close. 

CC-710 MOUNT SAINT ANNE by Benjamin Moore

Cindy Myrick wanted a space that she could host her parents, kids and grandkids all together at once. This dining room is such a cozy and stunning room. The blue was a perfect shade to make it feel spacious and comfortable.

6212 QUIETUDE by Sherwin Williams

The Cochran House was made for local women and children who needed a respite from hard circumstances. Erin used a colorful palette to uplift and brighten the space and moods. This bright, airy blue did the trick!

It was used on the front door of the Pryor House in season four as well! 

0068 COPEN BLUE by Sherwin Williams

The Scruggs had lived in the same home since their teenage daughters were born. While their lives and routines had changed, their home was long overdue for a remodel and redo. Erin transformed their living spaces and their master bathroom into a space that works for them and brightens their daily lives. 

7069 IRON ORE by Sherwin Williams

Another blue cameo in the Mohon House! What a subtle statement color. 

 7623 CASCADES by Sherwin Williams

If you want to lean on the greener-blue side, Jesse and Lauren Napier's house color is the one for you. Erin chose these funky, 70s inspired color palette to shake it up— and that she did!

 6215 ROCKY RIVER by Sherwin Williams

The Ponder House was filled with shades of blue from the inside out. The shutters, window, and door were 6244 Naval by Sherwin Williams. 

Here's a flashback to the rest of those watery blues through the Ponder House! 

Living Room Trim: 9133 Jasper Stone by Sherwin Williams

Study trim/built-ins is also 9133 Jasper Stone by Sherwin Williams.

 The base cabinets are 5002-2B Coastal Dusk by Valspar.

 We're so excited to see how Erin chooses color this season! Watch a new episode of Home Town every Sunday night at 8/7ct.