Erin Releases Her New Fall Candle Collection!

Our LMCo. Candles are the best-selling (and best-smelling) products that we offer, but they're particularly significant to Erin. Many do not know that Erin has a peculiar gift for curating scents that represent the best memories and places in her lifetime. 

"I've had particularly strong attachments to scents and their correlations with memories my entire life. My mama can attest to this—my obsession with smell goods started at a really young age and my childhood and adolescent bathtub at home always had about 6 kinds of bubble baths, 5 shower gels, 3 shampoos, 3 conditioners, and 2 face washes at any given time. Ben says his brother Tom and I are part hound dog because we both can smell the faintest smell from a mile away." — Erin 

Today, Erin is revealing her newest scents, and they're sure to kick off the fall season in the best way.


My grandfather, Ralph Clark, fought in the Pacific and at Normandy in WWII and came home a different man. The war hardened him and he kept everything he saw a secret from his family until the last years of his life. By then, the church had softened his jagged edges like a stone in a riverbed. His starched white shirtsleeves covered the navy sailor’s tattoos that wrapped around his biceps, and the gentlemanly smell of his aftershave when I kissed his cheek on Sunday morning will stay with me, even when I am an old woman. - Erin

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A distinctly masculine fragrance that’s as all-American as Ben’s blue Chevy, Clint.

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Ben’s favorite smell is that of a dull sawblade as it burns through a piece of old growth pine. His clothes smell like that and faded cologne at the end of a long workday and when Helen and Mae are older, I hope that is the smell that reminds them of Daddy. - Erin

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In Ben’s cedar closet, his suits, ties, and two pairs of leather boots wait for Sunday morning. He shaves his cheeks, puts on cufflinks and pulls on his nicest boots that are set aside from the working ones. The smell of that closet is like opening up the box of a brand new pair of boots, of leather and cedar, his Sunday finest. - Erin

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