Fall in Love with Laura Jones's Hand-painted Pillows

Laura Jones is a creative and talented young artist in Laurel, Mississippi. She was born and raised in Laurel and decided to move back to her hometown after graduating from Mississippi State University in 2020. She's putting her art degree and design experience to work with the release of her hand-painted fall pillows. Her love for watercolors, vibrant color palettes, and whimsical renditions of nature and landscapes inspired her this season, and we're excited to showcase her beautiful work.

"During the dead heat of summer, I was commissioned with the task to create watercolor sketches for our seasonal pillows. I thought about my favorite part about the fall season in the South, and I discovered that the changing sceneries and colors of fall inspire me the most."

It's a magical experience to see fall unfold in Laurel, where the bright orange of pumpkins seem to appear suddenly, and the gold ginkgo tree leaves sprinkle the streets.

"Before I sketched anything, I watched You've Got Mail, cranked up the air conditioner, threw on a sweater, and made myself a cup of cider to get in the mood. That's how the Windmill Quilt Pillow came to be." 

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"The Red Barn pillow is an ode to my grandmother. She had this quilt with little farmhouses on it that resembled a scene from Laura Ingall's story. It stuck with me, and it was in my mind's eye when I made this."

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"I created the Pumpkin Patch Pillow with the idea of layering in mind, and I wanted it to be a complimentary pillow that pairs well or a design that sits well alone. My mind usually designs in layers."

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"The Three Pumpkins Pillow is one of our best sellers and easily one of my favorites. It was a given that there had to be a trio of pumpkins, and I knew that everyone would appreciate it."

Three Pumpkins Pillow


"I created the 8 point star pillow to look like the center of a beautiful quilt. The saturated orange and yellow hues make it feel warm and cozy just by looking at it. It also pairs well with any of the others!"

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Be sure to grab one of Laura's fall pillows before they're gone for the season.

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