Father's Day 2019

When we think of dads we instantly go back to those first monumental moments as a child. From saying “dada” for the first time, to walking across the stage at our college graduation, dad is there for it all. There's something magical about a father’s unconditional love and his overwhelming sense of protection. With dad around, we almost feel invincible.

They seem to get the most joy by seeing us shine and that’s exactly what they do- they prepare us to shine. They teach us the importance of honesty, hard work, putting your family first, and most importantly, that anything we've got comes from Jesus.

As we start to grow up, they tend to feel like they aren’t as needed, but man are they wrong. The only thing that changes is how they’re needed. We might not run to them when we’ve fallen down and scraped our knee, but instead, we value their advice. One thing that will never change, is that dads constantly inspire us and push us to be the very best that we can be and we’re real thankful for them because we know we wouldn’t be where we are today without them.

We hope y'all all take time to thank all the men in your lives for everything that they do. Sit on the porch, drink some coffee with them while you can. If the father in your life has passed on, make sure to take the time to remember who they were, the life they lived and how they influenced your life. 

Happy Father’s Day, friends!