Fresh Out of the Woodshop: Bread Boards and Lazy Susans

One of the best things about our job is dreaming and creating wooden products we can enjoy daily. We love being creative with locally sourced materials and adding the small, seemingly insignificant details that make all the difference. We've learned a lot over the years, and our experience has allowed us to produce exceptional American products for thousands of people.

Cherry Lazy Susan

Two of our most recent and proudest wood items to hit the shelves are designed for hosts and hostesses, talented cooks, and those who love the versatility. We wanted a kitchen accessory that would be beautiful and functional for many occasions. That's how we dreamed up the Scotsman Co. Lazy Susans and Bread Boards.



Each Lazy Susan, or turntable, is a sturdy base and top that spins on its diameter. It's designed to rotate on a set of bearings and sit on a table or countertop to distribute food efficiently. Still, it can also create accessibility for storage in the kitchen.

Josh Nowell says, "I don't know what Susan did to get this reputation of being lazy. I mean, what about like a Lazy Linda? Regardless, these are great. If I were to put one of these Lazy Susans in our house, my boys would spin on them. The good news is that we built them so well that they could spin without any trouble."

Maple Lazy Susan

We've created the new Lazy Susans from three different wood species—Cherry, Maple, and Walnut. 

Each piece is made from American Hardwoods and will vary in grain pattern and color. These features make each piece unique, and we think that makes them even more special.


We've also added Scotsman Co. Bread Boards to the mix, and these are a favorite amongst our team, especially Aly Smith. You probably remember her family's Italianate House from Season 2 of Home Town.  


Aly's board collection is coveted amongst our team, and her favorite part is displaying her prized possessions on her wall for decor and functionality.

She says, "I have a wall full of boards of all different sizes, and it is one of my favorite corners in the house. The best part is that I can use these boards in different ways, and easily pull them down from the wall. Our breadboards are so easy to serve on." 

Maple Bread Board

Each breadboard is designed to match your needs. It's lightweight and easy to transport with its handle(s).

Aly loves to use the Scotsman Co. Bread Board as a charcuterie or serving plate for meats and cheeses at parties or small get-togethers.

She says, "Honestly, I love using it for parties and then using it as a showpiece just as much on my wall. It serves for function and beauty."


Walnut Bread Boards

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