Fresh Out of the Woodshop: Grilling Boards with HANDLES!

One of the best things about our job is dreaming and creating wooden products we can enjoy daily. We love being creative with locally sourced materials and adding the small, seemingly insignificant details that make all the difference. We've learned a lot over the years, and our experience has allowed us to produce exceptional American products for thousands of people.


Curly Maple Grilling Board with Handles

One of our most recent and proudest creations was designed for talented grill masters like Jim Rasberry. He wanted a grilling tool that would be versatile— something to make the prep more manageable and the process less messy. That's how we dreamed up the Scotsman Co. Grilling Boards. 

Walnut Grilling Board with Handles

Each grilling board features a juice groove carved along the perimeter of the boards, designed to prevent spills by catching the juice of fresh-grilled meat or small scraps you generate while carving.  

Cherry Grilling Board with Handles

We've created the new Grilling Boards from four different wood species—Cherry, Maple, Curly Maple, and Walnut. 

Our Grilling Boards are made from American Hardwoods and offer unique coloring and grain patterns. Each piece never looks quite the same, and we think that makes them even more valuable. 

 Maple Oval Grilling Board with Handles

While we've introduced rectangular, circular, and square wooden products to our lineup before, we've never created an oval board. It's been a fun challenge to shape this wood into something beautiful and valuable. Its unique shape makes for a statement piece in the kitchen and its handles make it accessible for serving right off the board. 

Walnut Oval Grilling Board with Handles

The best part about all these Grilling Boards is that you can use them from beginning to end— from the slicing and dicing for veggies and meat, the transportation, to serving steaks straight to the plate.

Jim Rasberry says, "It's important to have a good cutting surface because you're slicing the steaks when they come off the hot grill. I always use the large Scotsman grilling boards for slicing steaks when they come off the grill, and I never take them off the board."

 Cherry Oval Grilling Board with Handles

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