Home Town Season 4

I realized recently that it’s been a minute since I gave the world a proper update on our progress with the show. Between being parents, traveling to events and making season 4, writing in any lengthy capacity has taken a backseat, but I’d love to fill you in on what’s been happening since I last wrote a journal. Let’s see if my fingers still know how to type!

We started filming season 4 in June 2019 and are already halfway through with filming all 16 episodes, which means we’re welcoming 16 new neighbors into our community. Home Town premieres January 20, 2020 and this year will be the first time we've ever been in production filming new episodes as the new season is airing. 

This season, you’re going to meet some new folks since our project manager, Jonathan, took a new opportunity in Florida, in the town where he grew up. Our new project managers, Chase and Katie, have been champs at managing the TV construction learning curve. As leaders on the show, it’s our job to all work together and make sure these houses happen on time and we’ve nailed it on the first 8 out of 16. I can’t wait for you to meet Chase and Katie! 

The houses that we’ve been working on this season are some of my favorites yet. I’m very excited for everyone to see just how diverse the mix of architecture will be this season! From an airstream to a loft apartment, we’re doing every big and little house in between. 

For the first time, this season is the one where Ben and I are feeling completely at ease in front of the camera, able to repeat ourselves without it becoming mentally taxing. In season 1, we would come home whooped at the end of the day from having to repeat our every conversation while the cameras reposition to capture every spontaneous moment from a different angle, day in and day out. Now, the repetition is second nature, and I’m thankful for it. 

My same design team is back again, and it's like riding a bicycle every season. They know my peculiarities and style like the back of their hand, and it really shows when we have to make a last minute decision in a house and I need help making the final call or placing the orders in time. I'm so thankful to have such an amazing team surrounding us, behind the camera and in front of it. My design team isn’t the only thing that’s back again, though—Josh, Jim and Mallorie will be there with us in every episode, too—but this season, Mallorie and Jim are expecting a baby that will be due just as we wrap up the season in March. 

At home, Helen is nearly 2 years old (and loves to shout it: “TWO!”) and is finding her personality with every day that passes. The things she loves: Elvis, puppies, playing the fiddle, piano and guitar, Tommy Boy, fruit snacks, dancing along with the Rockettes, The Steeldrivers, Dolly Parton, Nacho Libre, yelling “Ole MISS!” when they’re on TV playing football, putting on her pretend makeup under my feet while I get ready in the mornings, books, books, and books. Most especially, Eloise, The House on East 88th Street, and the Say and Pray Bible for toddlers. She is so verbal, using hundreds of words daily, and she begs Mama to sing “Burning Love” at bedtime before giving me three “tisses” on the cheeks and lips. I could cry just talking about her because we are still so in love with every little thing she does, on this, her 22-month birthday. 

There are so many exciting things happening this season and I can hardly wait to share it with all of you. Until then, you can catch reruns on HGTV or stream episodes online at HGTV.com. Season 4 premieres soon and we’re so grateful for y’all who are following along this journey with us!