Home Town, Season Six: The Sims

This week's episode of Home Town is a bittersweet homecoming and a testament to the old saying that there's no place like home. After years of living away, Chase Sims, and his wife Corrinn, have moved home to be closer to family and the neighbors that rallied behind them in their most challenging moments in the last few years. 

While Chase calls Laurel his hometown and Corrinn is new to the community, they're not unfamiliar with the charm and unrelenting support that comes with a small town, even from almost five hundred miles away. 

Corrinn says, "Seven years ago, Chase and I had the chance to let our oldest "baby" come live with us while we lived in Dallas, Texas. We like to say his family adopted us, because we were privileged to co-parent and raise him under our roof in a loving partnership with his mom and great-grandmother." 

She continues, "A month after he moved in, Chase was diagnosed with cancer, a brain tumor. We walked through all those fears, surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and all the things that come with that."

Their journey has been challenging, but there have been so many stories of redemption through it all. Chase's diagnosis improved, and they were blessed with a few surprises, including adopting a second son and daughter.

"This story led us to meet the right people and adopt two more children to our family. Our family multiplied, but it seemed like perfect timing."

Their story was far from over. Almost a year later, in 2020, after the second and third adoptions, Corrinn and Chase discovered that Corrin was pregnant with their first biological child. 

On her Facebook, Corrinn wrote,

"I was okay without ever being pregnant. I wasn't daily longing for this. I was truly fine with our family as the Lord has grown it. I have so many thoughts. I want to protect our current family dynamic. Our children were not a filler because we couldn't get pregnant. They were knit in my heart as a young girl. They were a deep desire between Chase and me as we were dating. They became a reality through God and miracle after miracle. Becoming pregnant wasn't the end goal for Chase and me. It is a huge blessing to experience this side of parenthood. But it is just that for us. Another side of it." 

Throughout this, Laurel was steadily supporting and rooting for their family. She says, "While we were in Dallas, our family's baptist church and surrounding community supported us financially, shirts were sold, and people sent us cards, money, and food. They would pray for us and became so much a part of our story. We're like in the Dallas Morning News, and our story was in the news. Laurel became this lovely little town to me, and for Chase, it proved that his home still takes care of us."

This episode was a homecoming for the ages. Erin and Ben share this sentiment, and that's why welcoming Chase and Corrinn home was so meaningful to the Napiers. Renovating this home was a way that Laurel could support their growing, new family once again.

At the reveal, Corrinn and Chase are stunned by the transformation. From the exterior changes to the creative details inside, they were blown away by the kindness and intentionality of Erin and Ben's design. 

She recalls, "We wanted formal pieces because we like beautiful, traditional homes with openness and functionality. The colors that they chose made the space feel so calm."

From the stunning dining room to the spacious main bathroom and basement space that's now welcoming and the perfect hang out spot, this house is a dream come true for the Sims family.

Welcome home, Sims family! We're excited to have Corrinn and Chase back in Laurel to share their life and experiences with others. We can't wait to watch the rest of your journey unfold!