Hometown Strong

On Monday evening, disaster struck as a tornado ripped through the City Beautiful leaving many of our neighbors and friends without power and homes. Much of our historic district was affected and we're heartbroken this morning as we assess the devastation, but even through the tragedy our town experienced last night, we can't help but feel proud to be apart of this community. 

We realize how fortunate we are to be surrounded by a community that immediately unites to help wherever help is needed. We've seen strangers helping strangers, neighbors taking in neighbors who lost their homes, and city workers and law enforcement have worked tirelessly to help ensure our safety and bring restoration back as quickly as they can- we are so grateful for them. 


We've started clean up, but we know there will be much more help needed in the days to come. If you're interested in helping our hometown, here's how you can help: 

To help our city, our team has created a poster that can be purchased here. All proceeds are put right back into our community to organizations just like Glory House, our school districts that were affected, and our beloved Lauren Rogers Museum. To donate directly to our school district checks can be mailed to Laurel School District: P.O. Box 288 Laurel, MS 39440