Introducing Our Newest Candle: Young Love

When the world was introduced to Erin and Ben Napier during the very first season of Home Town in 2016, one special attribute was instantly recognized by fans and viewers alike- these two are seriously in love! 

And the best part is that the Napier's relationship is purely genuine. It's not an act for television or social media. Anyone who has the privilege of knowing Erin and Ben off camera will affirm it - 

These two down right love each other. 

We all get butterflies in our stomach during Erin's annual re-telling of how she and Ben met on the campus of our local Junior College - Jones College. 

They first met during a yearbook photo shoot...

Just six days later, they were talking about getting married.

A bonafide love story if we've ever heard one. 

And after years in the making, working continuously to get it right, we are delighted to introduce the newest Laurel Mercantile Scent Library candle to the Classics Collection, Young Love

The scent notes of this special candle are Sundust Orchid & Myrrh. It's both spicy and floral and utterly magical. 

Here's the story of the scent in Erin's words,

"In the fall of my sophomore year of college, I bought a tiny bottle of perfume that became my signature fragrance. I was wearing it the week Ben and I met in December 2004 and it became so much a part of that experience that when I smell the rich, spicy and floral scent of it I am 19 years old again. Christmas is coming and I've met my husband, my future home. We took the tiny remnant of that fragrance that no longer exists and saved it forever as Young Love. I can light this candle and always remember: this is what falling in love feels like."  - Erin 

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We are especially excited to see this candle added to the Classics Collection with so many other fan-favorite scents like Laurel, Gardiner Park, Scotsman, and Porch Party. We think it'll fit right in!

Read more about Erin and Ben's story in their Memoir, Make Something Good Today.