While June is one of the hottest months of the year in Laurel, Erin and Ben have been enjoying their break from filming and soaking in all the sun with their daughters at home.

For those of you who are Instagram-less, here's a peek of how the Napiers have spent their summer so far!

"Bluey and Bandit are swimming while Bingo naps (and all we will do is swim and eat popsicles and watch @officialblueytv all day for the foreseeable future). 😍 #maternityleave" — Erin 


"Today, our episode of the #AtHomePodcast is out! It’s been so long since we saw @mrdrewscott and @imlindork in person so this was such a good visit right before Mae was born." — Erin 


"Helen was very busy painting today and I’m super into her latest work 😍 (tempera sticks on paper)" — Erin


"the newest napier girls 💕 (thank you for my wrap, @sollybaby!)" — Erin


"Helen used to be this little 🥺 @scotsman.co" — Erin


"sorting and saving 📸 💓 #maternityleaveprojects" — Erin


"Fishergirl and pappaw (w tangled pool hair) 🎣" — Erin


"plumping up 🥰"Erin
"@scotsman.co’s first day back on #BensWorkshop with @sullivangrams was my first solo midnight feeding and day with 2 little ones and I’m pretty proud of how we all survived it. I am so incredibly proud of Big and the team that makes his show. I wish you could see how hard they work to bring it to life. (photos by @brookedavisjefcoat)" — Erin




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